Public transportation is one thing that i cant live without, for a woman with handycap in riding motorcycle or driving a car, my activities will depend on this.
My hometown in Surabaya acclaimed as the best public transportation by my fellow australian journalist, s it is not only devide by alphabeth but also in colours. Living in a city with no public transportation but taxi such as Bali kills my advetoure soul. I got stuck in aroute to the biggest shopping mall there in everu weekends.
Then it is my path to finally move on to the cpital, the most poluted, most populated, most hectic city that i have lived in. I saw people get packed in one big steel box called bussway or simple shaken in so many direction to other steel box they called kopaja. I still wonder, why people choose to be trated like that, or simply they dont so many options.
Except the reason that driving is not my thing, i enjoy to look on people behaviour, and to be in public transportation gives me a chance to have this privillege.
Almost every saturday i went round around the city hop in to busway to other busway or kopaja. My target is not reaching a fancy shopping malls such as senayan city, plasa senayan, or central park, instead i went to asemka, mayestik, passer baroe, tanah abang.
My future destination will be cipadu and pasar senen, but i really gather the gutt to accomplished this.

Jakarta itself offers massive type public transportation, from bussway to kopaja, from metro mini, to mikrolet and ojek, since the neccesity to be moving around is very high. But the comfort of the public transportation here, is very low, event compare to surabaya.

But i still enjoy to use them in the weekends, since i am able to see more about the city, the people and certainly their behaviour. A phatetic life doesnt mean create a phatetic people.